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If a married man has a lot of extramarital sex, is he necessarily a sex addict?

If a seemingly straight man frequents restrooms for casual sex, is he an addict?

SENTENCE: Tomball man pleads guilty to killing family in drunk-driving crash Investigators began exchanging text messages with Lil Mamma, one of which explicitly detailed how she and her husband would sexually assault their daughter.

Other texts detail how she and her husband were grooming the little girl to perform other sexual acts, according to court documents.

Sex addicts get anxious when they can't get their "fix" -- they don't go into DTs.

Sexual compulsions are real and they harm the person in their grip as well as others. But why should we care, especially when labeling sexual compulsions as addictions can sometimes have clear benefits.

Such treatment is always based on a 12-step model focused exclusively on stopping addictive behavior.

How much pornography does someone have to look at, how many hours spent in chat rooms, hookers hired, to go from "hound dog" to "sex addict?

" Current attempts at diagnosis focus on the extent to which sexual compulsions interfere with a person's good judgment or are pursued despite obvious risks to health, job and family.

Given the tsunami of false reports about him, this rumor is highly suspect.

Nevertheless, no one would be surprised if he joined the list of high-profile figures, usually men, who have been labeled sex addicts or actively sought treatment as such, e.g.

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It is usually supportive and accepting in its focus on maintaining sexual sobriety "one day at a time." I have several patients who have found such support to be very healing.