Sex education movies online

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Sex education movies online

When all parents get involved in discussions about sex, they show children that it’s OK to talk about sex and sexuality.This can help all children to feel more comfortable talking about their bodies, to take responsibility for sexual feelings, and to communicate in intimate relationships when they’re older.’ Give a simple but accurate answer like ‘Your little brother is growing in my uterus.When he’s finished growing, he’ll squeeze through the birth canal, which is called the vagina’.These tips can make it easier to talk with your child about sex.Keep language simple and honest Explain things at a level that your child can understand.They can understand that a baby grows in a mother’s uterus, and that to make a baby you need a sperm (like a tiny seed) from a man and an ovum (like a tiny egg) from a woman. You could give a simple explanation like ‘Babies grow in a place inside their mother called the uterus’.If you’re pregnant your child might ask, ‘Where does the baby come out?

It’s a conversation that continues and evolves as your child grows up. It’s also the way your child feels about her developing body.

0-2 years Using the correct words for body parts helps your child learn about his body, so use these words from the start – vulva, vagina, breasts, nipples, penis, scrotum, testes.

You can use everyday moments to do this – for example, bath time or while you’re helping your child get dressed are good times to introduce the names of body parts.

First, find out what your child already knows – for example, ‘Where do you think babies come from?

’ Second, correct any misinformation and give the facts – for example, ‘No babies don’t grow in their mummy’s tummy.

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A six-year old won’t want a long explanation of ovulation, although he might be fascinated to know that women have very small eggs (or ova) that can make a baby.

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