Online dating for cheaters

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Online dating for cheaters

She (smartly) said she'd rather meet in public, but the two hadn't yet met in person.

Then, one morning, she woke up to this text message: "I was thoroughly offended and disgusted," Nicole says.

Logically, it's not the right app for that." Yes, logic. The key to navigating this new world is through a new kind of communication.

"I find that people talk the least about sex with the person they're having sex with," Nelson says. " Does checking out singles online count as cheating? And if it's too late for that and you catch your spouse on Tinder, take it as an opportunity to redefine, and even reinvigorate, your marriage. If my husband went on Tinder, it's not Tinder's fault. The relationship may be flawed." Tinder is thinking even more positively, claiming these apps might even be "disrupting" marriage in a good way.

"Now I actually have to ask people on dating sites whether they're married or attached!"With Tinder there was no profiles, no need to disclose personal information, just a picture and the potential for sexual attraction." Steve says he started to cheat when his wife lost interest in sex after giving birth."I craved physical intimacy and ideally it would be with my wife, but since she wasn't interested then I'd have to settle for getting it elsewhere," he says.On top of that, our happiness-at-all-costs culture isn't helping.In a TED talk about infidelity, sex therapist Esther Perel said it's a sign of the times.

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"We have never been more inclined to stray," she said.