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Since your terms are in column A and the definitions are in B, we need to edit the default text (“Sheet1! You can move the gadget to cover the terms for practice or resize it to see more terms.Other useful features that you can use down the road include the (click here from device) come in handy for this tutorial as they happen to make use of the Google Docs spreadsheet two-column flashcard format.I did notice that g Flash crashed when I tried accessing the g Whiz Catalog to search for other term groups.Also, if you need to update your vocab list, you’ll need to delete the old spreadsheet and re-download the updated one to g Flash .This is a free service of All Brevard Magazine and there is never a cost or obligation. All Brevard Web Sites is reseller of domain name registrations.Our registration provider is Open SRS, an ICANN accredited registrar.

You might be used to making flashcards by hand, but considering how most people probably type faster, here’s one way to digitize your flashcards and review them on your laptop and smartphone with Google Docs and g Flash .Blackberry users who don’t mind paying .99 can use the g Flash Pro app, which supports images in flashcard entries and has no ads, among other things.Once you download the app, head to to login to your Google account and retrieve your Google Docs spreadsheets.Once you’re done retrieving your lists of terms, you can start reviewing and tapping on the card below to reveal the answer.What makes g Flash incredibly useful is that it can keep score and on subsequent rounds, it gives you the terms you got wrong (plus a few you got right) so you can work on the terms you need more review for.

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The latter is available for i Phone or i Pod Touch [i Tunes link] and Now type all of your terms on one column (column A), and your definitions on the next column (column B).

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