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General recommendations would mean once your daughter reaches the age of 11, then your son and daughter should be allocated separate bedrooms.If the council is informing you that you currently have adequate housing, then you may wish to enquire what the situation will be when your daughter reaches the age of 11.At age seven, there is every chance that your daughter sees the sleeping arrangement as a kind of sleepover party, and has no qualms about sharing.

I have just recently found out I am expecting again (completely unplanned) and wandered what the rules were surrounding half siblings sharing bedrooms? Thanks Hi, I have a 17yr old (soon to be 18), a 16yr old and a 10 yr old (eldest two are not my bio children, but reside with my husband and I full time).It’s certainly true that when children reach a certain age and enter puberty, they may feel happier having more privacy and sleeping elsewhere.This would be especially so if your daughter felt uncomfortable being in the room with two older boys, especially if she doesn’t know them that well and they’re not blood relatives.He is now taking my daughter there and she is 7 in October, but they are all sleeping in the same bedroom.There’s no law in existence which governs children of different sexes sharing rooms in privately owned homes.

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Worst-case scenario: when she gets a bit older she only stays there during the day, and goes home to you to spend the night.

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