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In the flashbacks, having been ambushed by a not-quite-dead Kovar, Oliver must endure the greatest torture drug known to the KGB if he is to survive to see his homecoming. Malcolm: Last time I was down here I saved your life. (raises his prosthetic hand) I let my emotions get out of hand. The only thing I'm concerned about now is saving my daughter! (John speeds up.) Malcolm: Friends are one thing but family is family. You would do anything - absolutely anything - to keep them safe. that the personal connections I had were making me vulnerable. It takes a special kind of idiot to actually get dumber with time. (Oliver turns from Malcolm and moves back towards their bikes.) Malcolm: Human connections are what keep us human. But you are always going to have people in your life, Oliver. He sighs deeply before finally speaking.)Oliver: I need your help. Continuity Following the capture of Adrian Chase, Oliver Queen's approval rating as Mayor is 70%, according to a Star City Sentinel poll. Oliver just wants to have a day to go shopping and buy some new socks.

Influences The film version of The Princess Bride (Kovar's torture of Oliver, with his request for honest answers at the start and his philosophical talk about pain mirrors the torture scenes with The Machine) and the comic Justice League: Cry for Justice (a villain named Prometheus holds Green Arrow's loved ones and city hostage in order to escape capture.). (Kovar slides a gun to a shaky-handed Oliver.) Kovar: That gun only has one bullet. But I think we both know who is responsible for your pain. Oliver: Do you really think that gives you a pass for serving up William to Damien Darhk?! (Talia Al Ghul is standing in the road in front of John's car.) Felicity: Angry woman with two swords. Because as long as there are people in my life that I care for, I have to be something else to protect them. And it's sad that it's a sociopath who's gonna have to point this out to you! And they will always need you, for better or worse, baggage and all. (We switch to a POV shot from Oliver's perspective as he looks into the cell... This is the highest his approval rating had ever been, according to Quentin Though no exact date is given, Oliver Queen's birthday is sometime in May. According to John, he and Lyla are patching things up after their fight in the last episode. (Apparently he's almost out.) Oliver determines that Talia Al Ghul is responsible for abducting Curtis, Dinah and Rene based on one of the darts he finds at Dinah's apartment.

Dialogue Triumphs Oliver: Being happy doesn't mean you don't have issues. (Oliver has just said he has plans when Thea invites him out to dinner to celebrate his birthday.) Thea: With who?

Nyssa sense this and steps closer to them both.) Nyssa: Know what, Mr. Malcolm: One of the people we're up against is your sister.

Technobabble Curtis builds a pair of sound modulators for Dinah.

He claims that they will not only allow her to better focus her Canary Cry but will also allow her to overcome any kind of sonic-dampening technology.

Plot It's Oliver's birthday and Team Arrow is in the mood to celebrate in the wake of Prometheus' capture. (Nyssa inhales slowly -the closest thing to a gasp she will allow herself as she stares at Oliver pointedly.) (Oliver pushes his way past a security door with the ARGUS log on it into a prison block.

Kate (Amy Smart) is set up on a blind date with Miles (Zach Morris. ) The problem is she’s still hung up on her ex-boyfriend (Benjamin Ayres), whom she ditches Miles to see, and she’s kind of a jerk to a bunch of additional people along the way.

The Red Death is the name given a drug devised by the KGB for use in interrogations.

It is meant to break men's wills by enduing psychological anguish.

The "Happy Birthday Oliver" signs at Oliver's party are in the same font as the Arrow logo. Oliver deduces that Talia must have told Chase about Lian Yu.

Felicity says that Oliver's birthday cake came from Lord Mesa Bakery. Oliver uses his one bullet to break the lock on the door of his cell. The flashback sequences that actually tie into the current storyline.

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It's even better to see Manu Bennett back as Slade, even for just five seconds. Oliver: Malcolm, your ego is what I'm going to need you keep in check. (she nods to Oliver before looking to Malcolm.) Mr. It is later revealed that she was released by an ARGUS agent, who was being blackmailed by Eveyln Sharpe.

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