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She wants in on the trial, even though the nurse already said she didn't qualify.She shows a printed news paper article about their success with baby Nathan and says she's exactly what they're looking for: HLHS and at least one failed conduit procedure. He's never seen this in his career before, and neither have the others.Every season (except the first) has an episode where the narrator is somebody other than Meredith (this time is Izzie).

Jo and Leah walk past and wish him a happy birthday. He walks off and drops the brochure in a garbage can.Meredith hires a research assistant to help with her portal vein project. Meanwhile, Shane helps screen candidates for Cristina's clinical trial and meets a young expectant mother who needs his help.As the elevator doors open, Richard is congratulated for his birthday by Miranda and Arizona, who were waiting to get on the elevator. Richard knows he's only saying that because she said it. He asks Richard to come find him at the end of the day to talk about his surgical schedule.Richard assumes there's some sort of something for his birthday, as Catherine already let slip that she would be around today.Owen says it's not that, it's actually about his surgical schedule.

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Transition is movement from one part of life to a whole new one. But you have to come out the other side because what's been waiting there might be glorious.

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