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Fux gradus ad parnassum online dating

Whereas the ‘close reading’ typically practised by literary critics focuses on a few canonized texts, Moretti sought through his quantitative analyses to gain an overview of the production of novels across the 18th and 19th centuries.He showed how political or military conflict led to an initial collapse and then a belated rise in novel writing, for instance in France after 1789 or in Milan during the wars of the late 1840s.Literary historians have also explored the new perspectives offered by large quantities of data.Franco Moretti pioneered the technique of ‘distant reading’, in which he analysed bibliographical data such as the titles of novels and their publication details.In response, he and his defenders argue that ‘distant reading’ draws attention to the ‘Great Unread’, allowing the representativeness of the literary canon to be evaluated against the thousands of other novels produced in the period.For music historians there already exist large bibliographical datasets, including the catalogues of research libraries and the various inventories created by RISM (Répertoire International des Sources Musicales).The British Library’s catalogue of printed music, for instance, describes works by more than 100,000 composers.

Another book he translated is "The Study of Fugue", with excerpts from Padre Martini, Marpurg as well as Fux.You can find both at Borders or have them order it.Mozart, Beethoven, Hayden and others used "Gradus as Parnassum".By extending the scope of musicological study in this way, we open the possibility of exploring what might be called (to adapt Moretti’s term) the ‘Great Unheard’.A further advantage of investigating bibliographical datasets is that they already possess structure, having been created according to the rules of library cataloguing; they therefore may be easier to manipulate and analyse than other large datasets available to musicologists (such as libraries of audio files).

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The second phase piloted techniques for analysing large datasets, in order to examine large-scale trends in music history and to use visualizations to test and develop hypotheses.