Dating new fender amps

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Dating new fender amps

This speaker has been used in the Hot Rod Deluxe, Blues Deluxe, Deluxe Reverb and the Twin Reverb, among others. It doesn’t have the deepest bass, however, and the highs can sometimes be “fizzy.” When the cream board tweeds were introduced, Fender chose the Jensen reissue (made in Italy) C12N.

The C12N doesn’t sound much like vintage Jensens, and it can be shrill-sounding. Some people prefer the Special Design and don’t consider it an improvement.

You’ll need schematics to implement some of these mods. We usually start with explaining a mod from a functional perspective where we relate to components in the logical schematics diagram.2006 amps have a small metal “Fender 60th Anniversary” button on the back plate. Early Tweeds The early green board tweed-covered amps were not lacquered. It has the same cream board inside with the same components as every other current-production Blues Junior.The serial numbers for these amps begin with “LO,” indicating that they were made in the Fender/Sunn Lake Oswego factory. It usually applies to old vacuum tubes/valves that have gone unsold for decades. All cream board tweed Blues Juniors have a “Limited Edition” plaque on the back.To see embedded text comments, go to video on Youtube.Half power mod – Pull out two 6L6 and disconnect 1 speaker.

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It’s a little weak in the bass and the highs are a bit more muted than the other speakers.

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