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You can also suggest completely new similar titles to The Fabulous Baron Munchausen in the search box below.The Fabulous Baron Munchausen was Czechoslovakian special-effect master Karel Zeman's follow-up to The Fabulous World of Jules Verne (60).César Santos Fontenla of Triunfo called the film "a masterpiece" and added: "the film is undoubtedly the most exciting experiment so far in animation and in combining different techniques ...The Méliès influence is present throughout the film, which reaches the same level of poetry as the works of that old master."s film blog called Zeman's technique "perfectly fitted" (parfaitement adaptée) to the Baron Munchausen stories, and described the result as "endowed with a splendid sense of humor and very inventive" (doté d’un bel humour et très inventif).Using Gustav Dore paintings as backdrops, Zeman (by way of 18th century satirist Rudolf Raspe) recounts the many mendacious adventures of the boastful Baron (Milos Kopecky).

The Baron decides to take him to Earth in a fanciful airship held up by a herd of winged horses.

The incredible adventures of the bragging Baron come to life in a film celebrating the courange and imagination of dreamers and poets.

Zeman took inspiration from the engravings in the 1862 edition, the work of one of the greatest illustrators of the 19th century Gustav Dor.

The astronaut/cosmonaut leaves his spacecraft and sights other footsteps on the moon leading him to an old phonograph, then a crashed rocket with a plaque reading Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon.

Taken to a dinner table, the surprised space traveller meets the characters from Verne's book and Baron Munchausen.

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Rob begins to feel inadequate as the "protector" of his household and sets out to prove a point with Laura. Director: René Bonnière Stacey waits till the day before his club opening to fess up to Julie about the author of her love letters from "Jim," with the success of his new nightclub resting precariously on their meeting's outcome.